Tory party down 3 MPs as they join independent party

Three Tory MPs have resigned to join an independent group, set up by Labour MPs.

Sarah Wollaston, anna Soubry and Heidi Allen wrote a letter to affirm their death.

The PM stated she had been”saddened”, but her party would”consistently offer… adequate, patriotic and moderate politics”.

The three insisted that the government’s”devastating handling” of Brexit and stated it’d reversed”all of the attempts to modernise” the Conservatives.

In a media conference on Wednesday, Ms Soubry stated of the Conservative party:”The conflict is finished, the other side has won.

“The ideal wing, the hard-line anti-EU awkward group which have ruined every boss for the past 40 years are currently running the Conservative Party from top to toe.

The change in party of the 3 MPs has decreased the government’s functioning majority to nine MPs, and Ms Allen asserted there were “absolutely” other coworkers”eager” to join with the group.

The Independent Group equals the Amount of Liberal Democrats and has more MPs compared to the Democratic Unionist Party in Parliament.

A tweet by the Independent Group welcomed the new members, including:”Our celebrations are broken. We’re likely to #ChangePolitics for the greater “

A Labour spokesman criticised the team, stating they had shaped”what’s an establishment coalition according to the unsuccessful and refused policies of yesteryear”, for example austerity, corporate tax cuts and privatisation.