Suspect of Louisiana Shooting Arrested

US police have arrested an individual of who they suspect was behind the Louisiana shootings – 2 shootings that took place in Louisiana that killed 5 people, 2 of which were the suspects own mother and father.

The 21 year old Dakata Theriot was caught without incident today when he was reported, and found, at his grand mothers house in Virginia.

Other victims of this massacre are believed to be the suspects girlfriend, as well as her father and brother, meaning all of the victims were closely related to the suspect. With the story being that the suspect stole the fathers silver and grey dodge truck, which was used to drive to the location of the suspects parents, who were then subsequently killed, according to authorities.

The suspect was armed at the time of his arrest according to authorities, in which the suspect then dropped without incident prior to being arrested. Dakota Theriot, the suspect is being charged with first degree murder, home invasion as well as the illegal use of a weapon.