MPs’ second vote on PM’s deal to go ahead

Ministers said discussions were ongoing with the EU and the legal counsel about the Irish backstop will be upgraded prior to MPs begin scratching tomorrow.

Unconfirmed reports state Theresa May will visit Strasbourg later.

The EU has said it’s up to MPs to determine the upcoming steps for Brexit also it remains”committed” to agreeing a deal.

However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that there had”not been one change” into the deal as it was heavily defeated by MPs in January.

After speculation that the vote might be postponed or postponed, No 10 said the movement to be debated could be printed later on Monday – though it gave no specifics of what it might contain.

Downing Street said the PM’s focus has been”getting on with all the job needed to permit MPs to encourage the deal and also to deliver this phase of the procedure to a finish”.

The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg reported the prime minister was”probably” to go to Strasbourg afterwards – in which the European Parliament is established.

This was reiterated by Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, who informed a media conference he”knows” Mrs May is traveling into the city after .

But No 10 or the European Commission have verified this, with a spokesperson for the latter stating:”We continue working and talking.”

The UK is scheduled to depart the EU on 29 March however MPs refused the withdrawal bargain on offer in January and required major changes.

Adam Fleming stated the member nations were advised that the UK had refused the EU’s suggested alternatives on the backstop since”they would not get the aid of the Cabinet”.

“There’s a widely held opinion that the UK hasn’t been bargaining in good faith throughout the past couple of days,” he stated, adding that one diplomat had said planning to get a”post-Theresa May authorities”.

The government was seeking modifications to the Irish backstop, the safety net designed to keep an open edge on the island of Ireland, and just to be utilized as a final resort.

However, the specifics of this had been a sticking point for several MPs if they voted her bargain down in January. They fear that in its present form – that the backstop may render the UK tied into the EU indefinitely.

What’s the EU expression?

In a declaration, the Commission stated it had put forward suggestions to attempt and reassure MPs that the backstop”if utilized will employ briefly”.

A spokesman said the EU was ready to fulfill UK negotiators at any moment.

Before, Mr Barnier stated that talks concerning the UK’s withdrawal in the bloc were currently between the British authorities and MPs.

She stated it was possible that the UK could return with a few new assurances in the EU within the backstop that could”get down the numbers” and restrict the scale of any defeat.

What could happen today?

  • Theresa May’s manage to confront a”purposeful vote” at Parliament on Tuesday
  • When it is rejected, a further vote was guaranteed for Wednesday on whether the UK should depart with no bargain
  • If this no-deal choice is refused, MPs might find a vote Thursday on whether to ask a delay to Brexit in the EU.