Mexico protests against attacks on Girls turn violent, as Anxiety with president escalates

Girls marching on International Women’s Day have clashed with authorities in barricades surrounding the National Palace at Mexico City, where officials fired pepper spray following the protesters tried to tear down a metallic wall.

Sixty-two officials and 19 civilians were hurt, said Marcela Figueroa, an officer of the town’s police agency. The Mexico City authorities”categorically denied” any type of gas from protesters.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador set up the metal barricade — called a”peace wall” by his own spokesperson — ahead of their protests, stating he wished to shield government property from vandalism.

However, the wall proved that the provocation for ladies, who also accused the president famed for travelling with mild security through corners of this nation controlled by drug cartels — of dreading the feminist movement and turning a cold shoulder to issues like uncontrolled sexual abuse and a daily toll of 10 femicides. At least 939 girls were victims of femicide this past year in Mexico, official data shows.

López Obrador’s has had a mixed relationship with the feminist movement, which he’s accused of being exploited by conservative competitions and influenced by foreign thoughts.

“We need him to shield us exactly the exact same way he is protecting these structures,” explained Vania Palacios, 19, who carried a sign reading:”Fight now to not die tomorrow”

Protesters wrote the titles of femicide victims about the barricade once it had been set up on Friday and covered it with flowers.

Another motto completed the allegation “that a rapist won’t be governor”, a reference to Félix Salgado Macedonio, who’s running for office from the southern Guerrero state, together with López Obrador’s funding.

The president, who’s frequently known as Amlo, has faced criticism in girls in his Morena celebration, that have called for him to sack the offender.

“We thought he would have answers, but he has just mocked us especially on women’s problems.”

Girls have demonstrated a thorn at Amlo’s side. He’s recognized as a leftist and branded his competitor’s conservatives, but he’s regularly preached values and morals and tilted conservative on social problems.

He’s cut funds for daycares and women’s lands and encouraged families as a way for pandemic hardships, even as domestic violence jumped.

On Monday, he claimed that women’s protests did not happen till he took office.

“We’ve got an expression in Spanish, ‘if you are silent, you seem prettier.’ And he appears to subscribe to it,” explained Maricruz Ocampo, an activist from the city of Querétaro. “We all feminists have determined that we do not seem better when we are silent because when we are silent nobody sees us nobody listens to us”

Many girls had voiced hopes for Amlo’s government, Ocampo said, and he encouraged women with feminist sympathies to crucial positions — together with appointing a gender-balanced cupboard. However, he has not acted on issues like his or her allies around the country level — that contains a party based on evangelicals — have largely preferred to not raise sensitive social problems.

“For many feminists, it appeared like a government was coming that could take their schedule,” explained Bárbara González, a political analyst at Monterrey. “However, not only contains Amlo antagonised the motion… he has always portrayed it manipulated and lacking validity.”