Coronavirus: Facebook launches UK COVID-19 symptom Poll

Facebook is to start asking UK users if they’ve experienced symptoms of COVID-19 on, Wednesday.

Facebook stated it wouldn’t have access to customers’ health information but might pass it to CMU.

Not, by itself, disclose although 1 specialist said data in the polls would be helpful to scientists.

Facebook established the polls in the united states April.

Users are asked if they’ve undergone any indicators of COVID-19 and questions regarding their health.

And CMU analysts plan”within a couple of weeks” to utilize data in the surveys and other resources to predict the number of COVID-19 hospitals and intensive care admissions are most probably in particular places.

Facebook has published a symptom map demonstrating its estimated percentage of individuals with COVID-19 in regions across the USA.

Mauricio Santillana, at Harvard University, stated the job was”very helpful”.

“The more information sources we get access to… the greater “

But expecting a single information source wouldn’t be wise and also the Facebook survey data must be treated as”complementary” to additional info.

Dr Santillana cautioned polls and apps that individuals about their health would not have the ability to sustain a response.

“We have noticed in programs that ask you each week how you are feeling — typically at the start a lot of individuals become involved and as time evolves fewer and fewer people engage,” he explained.

And the more the pandemic lasted, the more inclined ” program fatigue” could become.